Non Violence

Ahimsa is the fundamental and most basic principle of living as a good human. Do not cause pain or injury to another. And this does not only refer to physical actions, but covers all from of violence. Violence in though, speech and deed. We must speak pure and loving words and practice pure and loving acts.

Ahimsa encompasses all beings, creatures and life on the planet, including animals and Mother Nature. This means that one should shun products which are made through violence to animals. Ahimsa calls for us to be vegetarian and to protect and preserve our natural resources.

The law of Ahimsa goes deeper still. It includes that which we do to ourselves. Smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, eating foods that we know lead to disease, or staying in relationships where we are abused or victimised, or simply spending our time engaged in meaningless activity, are all ways in which we injure ourselves.

  • Category 8 limbs of yoga
  • Tags The Yamas; Ahimsa
  • Date 19/03/2019