Not Stealing

Asteya is not as simple as refraining from stealing a possession that belongs to someone else. We steal much from others without realizing it. We steal peoples time by wasting it engaged in idle gossip or complaints.

We steal people’s credit by claiming to have done something accomplished by someone else. We steal from the Earth more than we need and by purchasing unnecessary possessions whose production pollutes the environment and atmosphere.

We steal dignity, safety and health of the poor when we buy things that were made by indigine people in deplorable conditions. Further, if we have been blessed with prosperity and we have enough to help others, it is stealing if we do not share. There is a joy that comes with sharing with others and there are many ways we can share; it is not limited to physical possessions. Life is for sharing and caring. Life is for giving.

  • Category 8 limbs of yoga
  • Tags The Yamas; Asteya
  • Date 02/04/2019